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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Conspiracy and corruption towards Late Legendary Grand Master Angel L. Blancia from Panay Island, Iloilo City area Arevalo in the Philippines.

I'll never heard anything in the Philippines concerning all Filipino's half blooded Martial Arts around the globe, Chinese Filipino Martial Arts, Yoga, Hilot Massage etc.... what happen outside the country but its so amazing!!! Well, im glad to knew about it, only when i was here in Canada 2005.

This blog is created to expose the greatest, biggest hypocrites, traitor of all times and dont recognized the name of Creator Late Legendary Grand Master Angel L. Blancia, wife Monserrat Gabo Blancia, Master Jann Philipides Blancia, Master Gladys Blancia, Master Diomedes Blancia, instructor Victoria Blancia, Coordonnator Mercedese Blancia and Grand Master Gloria Blancia Thirnish. These are the people hiding under the guise of nobility yet behind their luster are many rotten realities that if only the people would know, they would surely abhor them.

We the Blancia family are victims of circumtances.
Exactly as what they said.
Politician in the Philippines, Filipino Martial Arts, Chinese Martial Arts
are take advantage by using their power and authority.
Yeah, there is a democracy only for those people
who are employed in the government especially
in high level position.
Each politician established the clan for their own good
and priorities preserving by their power and privileges.

Filipino Martial Arts & Chinese Filipino Martial Arts their family and friends majority are politician 90% to 100%. Since President: Diosdado Macapagal up to President Ferdinand Marcos, President Corazon Aquino, President Fidel V. Ramos, more closer are getting worse until today; the administration of President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, senator, governor, mayor, congressman, etc... ambassador from Filipino Consulate General in the Worldwide, Military Task Force Organization etc... There are so many Students and friends of Late Legendary Grand Master Angel L. Blancia are public servant of the Government in the Philippines.
Think of it, our government of the Philippines are top listed in corruption level arround the world.

Especially Filipino Martial Arts & Chinese Martial Art's Around the world... who owned by the following Politicians in the Philippines. Like; Arroyo Administration, Chavit Singson, Mayor Atienza, Gibo, Noynoy Aquino Manny Villar ect.

That's why, former President Marcos Declared Martial Law In order to covered the true story of the filipino People. Only his will are allowed to published on the media, newspaper, radio, tv and so forth. With fully supported of every individual's are those people behind with them, which is until today.

Conspiracy, corruption still going on & Filipino Martial Arts & Chinese Filipino Martial Arts. Silence Type of Martial Law are still Going on with matching Type.

Promoting a Self-Defence Method ( Filipino Martial Arts worldwide) by now, in the whole Philippines with participation of the department of Education & sport officially.

Movies School Gym,T.V. showtime... by using the actresses, actors, friends, politicians included their young generation, outside and inside organization with full of moral support of the government of the Philippines.

Informative & reasonable to restored the important fact, behind the uncovered story of Late Legendary Grand Master Angel L. Blancia behind the dirty walls of the Filipino & Chinese Martial arts Worldwide. If GM Gloria Blancia telling us tha......t she learned her skill from her late father thru the way of Lapu Lapu way back in ancient time ( 1500 - 1600 - 1700 ). Absolutely, my personal reaction on that matters i cannot believe it. It is not comprehensible the fact. Actually, anyone of us can carry the Sword, Stick, Bladed or any thing that possible that can help us, how to depend ourselves at any time situation especially when you're facing in danger situation. Now, the question is; Why the Filipino & Chinese martial art's organization worldwide are knowing each other, helping and supporting each other? The most controversy is that, why this martial art's organization worldwide denied about the Blancia System and no one knews? What does it mean? Why they got an old school in martial art way back 1900 until today. Now, thru the courtesy of his daughter GM Gloria Blancia, we found out that we miss the true artifact in modern time the Legend of true creator and no one else. Anyone, does not concerned to recognized just beacuse everyone got personal interest to be knowned. Well, we cannot denied the truth about the past. And we knew it that all of us, we cannot escape from the past.


What if you discovered Filipino Martial Arts, Arnis Eskrima, Doce Pares, Kali, Espada Ydaga, Blade is from the Phillippines with the following art's or any kind of art's in martial art's but actually they're just in one roots of the said Martial Art.

Club Stick is the art of Filipino Martial Art's, Arnis, Eskrima, Doce Pares, Kali, Combat Fighting, Sword, Blade, ect. all this kind of martial art are came in one roots of the said art's known as Kung-Fu Filipino Martial Art's Yoga is the key source of every individual forms of martial art

It's hard to believed that the goodness of Late Legendary Grand Master Angel
L. Blancia with his entire families was abusing by his former students
. I'll share this to those former students are traitor to the Blancia
System....To those traitor you deserve it but not the faithful student's.

Im so much thankful for sharing with us, especially your wonderful question to us. Well, according to the following authors based on ancient time Kung-Fu is came from China. Perhap's this art of Kung-Fu was promulgated by the following Fil...ipino Chinese, Chinese, Filipino Americans a former students of Legendary Grand Master Angel L Blancia. I am appealling the right to form that Kung-Fu is from the Philippines notable in a recent time of 18Th century but not in ancient time.

Cacoy Canete, Dionesio Canete, Dan Inosanto and many more are former students of my late Grand Master Angel L. Blancia. So far ive got so much information about with them. Everytime, Dan Inosanto, Canete's visited secretly ours following students while they're in abroad. And kept reminding with them not to tell about the Blancia System. Therefore, do you have idea why they're not allowed to speak about the Blancia System?

Thus, Filipino Martial Arts Students denied intentionally by betraying, antagonizing secretly, eventually by forgetting their " Grand Master Angel L. Blancia ".Master Gladys Blancia Master Diomedes Blancia, Master John Philippides Blancia, Instructor Victoria Blancia, Grand Master Gloria Blancia.....


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