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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Whether it is regarding environmental emission limits,

 operating targets or an accurate view of production, readily available information is the key in any decision making process, no matter how remote the actual work site is.  Pactel International’s key differentiator is its 24 x 7 online support system and customer network management that allows end users to remotely access this information and monitor their sites on a continuous basis.  Pactel International provides both point to point and point to multipoint turnkey satellite communication systems for the Mining, Oil & Gas resource sectors within the Asia-Pacific Region1.  Due to the nature of their operations, companies in the Mining, Oil and Gas sectors exchange large volumes of data between head offices and remote operation sites. Bandwidth can be very expensive when delivered in short supply to multiple remote regions of the world. Pactel International provides enhanced bandwidth optimisation and efficiency to enable our customers to get the most out of their bandwidth and reduce risk, improve performance and maximise their exploration in a cost-effective way.  If you require constant contact with the rest of the world during your exploration, production, transportation, refining & marketing operations, Pactel will keep you connected, allowing you to remain at top of your game. As a leading solution provider of turnkey and flexible communication solutions to offshore rigs, land rigs and other remote locations, we offer the full spectrum of voice, video and data applications


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